Light Reading: SPIT Is It

NEW YORK -- TechWeb's Light Reading (www.lightreading.com), the leading research-led media company serving the global communications marketplace, today announced the publication of its SPIT Manifesto, a special feature outlining a new area of coverage and concentration for its editorial staff worldwide. The Manifesto, written by International Managing Editor Ray Le Maistre, is online, right here:


SPIT, or Service Provider Information Technology, is Light Reading's new term describing the evolving set of non-traditional telecom (and data networking) technologies that allow for a greater degree of flexibility in the creation, management, delivery, and monetization of new-generation communications services. Beginning March 1, Light Reading will even have a special week of coverage, SPIT Week, sponsored by Nokia Siemens Networks and dedicated to various SPIT topics, with a new video, special feature, and news analysis debuting on lightreading.com each day of that work week.

"While we are as focused as ever on the traditional telecom infrastructure, the SPIT coverage is our unique way of saying that we realize that the information technology systems underpinning a service provider’s business strategy have never been more critical," says Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief of Light Reading. "We think our readers will appreciate our take on this fascinating area and how it will change the way we communicate in the near future."

SPIT Week will be followed by a series of SPIT related Webinars and a SPIT-related virtual event, Three OSS Imperatives: Customer, Cost & Cloud, scheduled for April 20. For information on sponsorship and speaking opportunities contact [email protected].

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