Spiked? No, Just Tanked

5:00 PM -- The headline of the week from the BBC News Website: Most spiking cases 'just drunk'...

    Most patients who believe they have had their drinks spiked test negative for drugs, research at Wrexham Maelor Hospital has found...

    The research concluded the patients' symptoms were more likely to be the result of excess alcohol...

    "If you go home and your parents are there, and you are vomiting on the path, and you come in in a terrible state, you get sympathy if you say 'oh, my drink was spiked.'

    "You don't get sympathy if you say 'we spent too long in the bar'."
Sigh. Another good excuse blown to hell. But remember: Friends don't let friends drive spiked.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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