Spike Beefs Up

5:45 PM -- Today on Contentinople:

  • Tremor sets its sights on Europe, with the announcement of European funding.

  • Scott Raynovich bemoans the lack of quality content online (and on television). Wait -- you mean to tell us that mixed martial arts don't make Quality Programming?

  • MTV addresses the supposed lack of male-oriented content online with the addition of content to Spike.com, which will include girls, cars, and fighting. The site will also feature social networking and an upgrade of its viral (socially transmitted) video section.

  • CDNetworks spearheads a philanthropic effort by making its services free to an educational, non-profit Website. A mouthpiece says the provider is on the lookout for other organizations that would benefit from a free CDN, and it also plans to help NGOs in North Korea.

  • Time Warner Cable makes big -- albeit vague -- promises with the announcement of intentions to put Internet video on TV. It's not all free love and content though, with the company's CEO Glenn Britt reminding us: "Somehow, we're going to get paid."

And, in today's News Bits: CBS makes its videos embeddable, Google delivers targeted ads to RSS feeds, Veoh gives some nations the boot, and the French lag behind other nations in the use of social networking sites.

— The Staff, Contentinople

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