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T-Mobile Flips Colorado in Pursuit of Sprint Merger

After receiving new promises from both Dish Network and T-Mobile, Colorado joined Mississippi in reversing its position and supporting the proposed merger of Sprint and T-Mobile.

India's RJio Is Still Adding 10M Customers a Month

The Indian operator continues to record dramatic increases in subscriber numbers, but customers are spending less.

Verizon to Acquire More AWS-3, mmWave Spectrum

Verizon is looking to purchase a number of spectrum licenses across the AWS-3 and mmWave bands, moves that show the operator continues to look for more spectrum holdings.

Singapore Sets Aggressive Standalone Target as It Launches 5G Race

Singapore is pressing ahead with its rollout of 5G technology based on the newer, standalone variant.

CBRS Vendors Finance Private LTE Networks to Prove Use Cases

Two 3.5GHz CBRS equipment vendors, Connectivity Wireless and JMA Wireless, installed a private LTE network in the Angel Stadium ballpark in Anaheim, Calif., with the goal of showing how it might improve operations at the venue.

Forget 5G, Soon Skynet Will Rule Our Airwaves

If you like cage matches, AI-powered killer robots and 1980s sci-fi movies, you'll love the Spectrum Collaboration Challenge from the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Hong Kong Set for 2020 5G Launch After $128M Auction

5G services could arrive quickly after an auction of important midband spectrum.

US 5G Networks Marked by Paltry Coverage, Unimpressive Speeds, Independent Tests Show

It's early days, but uneven performance is among the key takeaways highlighted in the first public, comprehensive and independent tests of US 5G networks by IHS Markit's RootMetrics.

5G Signal Boosters Show Up Ahead of Regulations

FCC regulations haven't yet caught up with startups' 5G plans.

Startup Celona Targets Private LTE & 5G for Enterprise

Celona, a startup stemming from CommScope's purchase of Ruckus, is targeting the market for enterprises building their own private 5G and LTE wireless networks, eschewing WiFi.

Why Many Operators Just Can't Quit 2G

Like old-fashioned rock and roll, 2G just refuses to die.

TM Pitches to Build Malaysia's National 5G Network

Malaysia's fixed-line incumbent wants to be the country's only operator of a 5G network.

AT&T to Begin Standalone 5G Rollout Next Year

AT&T plans to deploy standalone 5G in 2020, which will boost enterprise applications for 5G.

AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Stand Up for mmWave Auction, but Cable Is MIA Again

Some of the nation's biggest telecom companies – including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Dish Network – appear to be planning to participate in the FCC's upcoming mmWave spectrum auction. But big cable companies are missing in action.

Billionaire Michael Dell Backs New Call for 5G in 12GHz Spectrum

Through his family's private investment firm, billionaire Michael Dell is pushing the FCC to enact new rules that would allow 5G operations in the 12GHz spectrum band.

For Trump's Attack Dogs, There's No Stopping Huawei

Most governments and operators have shown little inclination to heed US warnings about the consequences of using Chinese suppliers.

US Cellular Plots 600MHz 5G in Iowa & Wisconson in Early 2020

The fifth-largest mobile carrier in the US will be one of the first in the country with lowband 5G.

Like Politics, All 5G Is Local

Denver city officials acknowledge that 5G could dramatically improve residents' lives, but ongoing concerns over permitting for and radiation from 5G cell sites remain obstacles.

Charter Envisions a Fixed Wireless Triple-Play With CBRS

Charter's Craig Cowden expands on the MSO's interests and intentions involving the CBRS band and provides updates on the company's recent set of fixed wireless, mobile-facing 'dual-SIM' market trials.

Six Months of 5G: What We've Learned From South Korea

What has gone well and what has gone badly for South Korea's early 5G movers?

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