Some CDNs Win, Some Lose

5:00 PM -- Today on Contentinople:

  • Added to the list of complaints about NBC's Olympic coverage is the inability to make Microsoft's Silverlight player full screen. So watch it on TV, or get thee a proxy server, oh complaining Olympics-watchers.

  • News clipping company 1Cast is learning from the example set by RedLasso: Get content producers' permission before allowing users to mashup their content. Genius.

  • It may be time for Internap to let its CDN go. With weak sales reported last week, a subsequent 30 percent drop in share price, and staff moving to competitors, the company is facing a tough decision, as it is said.

  • On the other side of the Pacific Ocean, CDNetworks and ChinaCache boast that they'll be delivering the Olympics in Korea and China, respectively. CDNetworks is implementing a hybrid P2P service with video streaming in HD, while ChinaCache has made deals with several Websites to deliver footage of the games within its host country.

  • In further closing-up-shop news, Starz is shuttering Vongo. The direct-to-consumer video service will be folded into "Starz Play," which will target Internet ISPs.

  • Online ad company YuMe announces the appointment of a new CEO. With content providers and distributors s-l-o-w-l-y starting to make money online, YuMe's big-name clients may get to taste some of the success the new CEO created for his former employers in the ad-network space.

And in today's News Bits, Twitter tackles spammers, via a new limit on the number of followers per account.

— The Staff, Contentinople

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