Snacking Good Times

LUNCHTIME -- Telecom or snack food vendor?

From The Philter Fun 'n' Games Department, see if you can correctly guess how many of the companies listed below are telecom service providers or convergence companies exhibiting at TelecomNext.

Note: The companies that aren't at TelecomNext are actually snack food industry concerns displaying their wares at Snaxpo 2006, right next door:

    1) Colorcon
    2) MobileTech Solutions Inc.
    3) VideoJet Technologies Inc.
    4) US Centrifuge
    5) Yamato Corp.
    6) Minsa Corp.
    7) MiT Systems Inc.
    8) FiberTech Inc.
    9) Bunge
    10) Spooner Vicars
— Phil Harvey, Bunge Editor, Light Reading

Answer: It was a trick question. None of them are telecom firms. You didn't have to be a Minsa member to figure that out.

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