3:05 PM -- If your nerves aren't already frayed enough with the constant ringing, bleeping, and vibrating of countless mobile phones up in your grill, a Dutch company has now developed a system that could help to ensure that you may never rest easy again.

Emexus sent through a press release this morning about a new SMS alert system that allows local residents to subscribe with their zip code, and receive text messages from the police regarding activity in their community.

Emexus says that the technology will "provide a communication system for alarming local residents in case of a crisis."

Damn straight, I can imagine that it might be more than a little alarming to be woken in the middle of the night with a text message telling you there's a burgular active in your area. And you'd feel like a fool calling the police about it -- after all, they've already sent you a text.

Now, the system obviously has its uses, Emexus says that the technology helped to locate four missing children during the pilot program in Tilburg, Holland, after their details were sent 'round on SMS.

But it's hard not to imagine that a system designed to tip-off local residents of criminal activity in their area might also let the perpetrators know that the police are onto their little game. Although, in my neighborhood, the low-flying helicopters shining spotlights into your backyard tend to be a teensy bit of a giveaway anyway.

Hold on, did you hear that sound? Might just have been the wind...

— Jittery Jones, Nail Biting Editor, Unstrung

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