Smelly Frogs

NOON -- Check this out: Smelly Frog Researcher Nominated for Ig Nobel Prize. The lucky nominee, Dr. Craig Williams of James Cook University in Australia, has been looking into the matter of frog BO.

Now it looks as if the Frogs are aiming to do better. To wit, they're working on a device capable of creating a big stink in faraway places. The whole, riveting story can be read in this article: Dale Air Sniff Out Winning Project. The gist of it is that France Telecom's R&D division was caught red-handed buying a box in Lancashire, U.K., that puffs out aromas, nice ones and nasty ones such as "dragon’s breath, flatulence, an Egyptian mummy and New York tenement housing from eras gone by." Craving more odorous items?

Try this: Italian service provider Wind's corporate motto is Passa a Wind

And this: Greg Wilfahrt, Executive VP of SMS.ac. — Red Panda, Correspondent for Fragrance, Light Reading

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