'Smartbooks': A Dumb Idea

If you're an IT manager or a consumer interested in lightweight wireless computing devices, your life is about to get a lot more confusing.

Get ready for "smartbooks," a term being promoted by Qualcomm for wireless computers that are larger than cellular phones but smaller than netbooks.

Remember netbooks? They are so last year's news. Netbooks are hulking monsters weighing an enormous 2.2 pounds to 3.2 pounds, with three-cell batteries lasting a mere 2.5 to 3.5 hours, and priced at a ridiculously expensive $300 to $450. You don't want those dinosaurs!

Welcome to smartbooks -- smaller, lighter, and cheaper -- which have been touted this week at the Computex Taipei tradeshow. Smartbooks combine features of a smartphone and a netbook. Click through for the rest of the story at Internet Evolution

— Alan Reiter, President, Wireless Internet & Mobile Computing

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