Slideshow: Gadget Madness at CES 2013

A reporter stands ready to do her on-camera intro outside the CES Unveiled press reception in Las Vegas on January 7. CES says this year's show drew more than 150,000 attendees. Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images.
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Lyserg 2/19/2013 | 8:48:30 PM
re: Slideshow: Gadget Madness at CES 2013 Most misleading headline I've seen in a while. -áThis slideshow is just a bunch of people at CES -- nothing interesting or worthwhile whatsoever! -áDid LR actually go to CES, or just grab a collection of stock photos? -áLight Reading has really gone downhill since the old days.
Bannana 1/25/2013 | 3:22:10 AM
re: Slideshow: Gadget Madness at CES 2013 Is it just me, or did somebody else expect to see gadgets in this slide show?
t.bogataj 1/15/2013 | 2:40:39 PM
re: Slideshow: Gadget Madness at CES 2013 Thanks Phil. The "monumental" platform was not my idea; I quoted Ray. As usual, I am with you in my heart & in my mind as you struggle to give your readers their good old LR back...

Phil Harvey 1/15/2013 | 2:23:50 PM
re: Slideshow: Gadget Madness at CES 2013 First of all, the platform is not new, per se. We've done the virtual equivalent of moving into our Mom's basement, so we're having to get used to the low ceilings and we're still figuring out where to put the furniture.

The good news is that my editors and I were already talking over ways to share more images more quickly even before this platform migration. So now that we know what this looks like using the default templates, we can get to work and start improving things a little bit at time.-áThanks, as always, for the commentary.-á
t.bogataj 1/15/2013 | 10:58:42 AM
re: Slideshow: Gadget Madness at CES 2013 More comments on the monumental new platform: The slideshows are even harder to navigate since the links are only beneath the pic (no more prev/next atop). It was annoying before (you had to scroll to see the pic -- top half of the screen were ads), now it's even worse. Suggestion 1: remove the ads. Suggestion 2: make pics floating. Suggestion 3: make them clickable.

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