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Slide Show: CommunicAsia 2008

SINGAPORE -- CommunicAsia 2008 -- Another year, another festival of widgets, wires, and winning marketing ploys at the CommunicAsia show at Singapore's Expo site.

Around 2,300 stands were erected for the show, including the two halls that housed the BroadcastAsia event, and tens of thousands of people have swarmed around them and on them for the past four days.

Light Reading was there, too, filing stories, shooting TV reports, and pointing a camera at anything with a pulse (and a few other things besides). (See CommunicAsia: APAC's TV Times, Huawei Pumps Up Its APAC Biz, and Singapore Unveils Digital Hub Vision.)

— All photos by Norman Ng/Getty Images. All captions by Ray Le Maistre, International News Editor, Light Reading

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