Sinners Sign On

1:00 PM -- Internet-savvy sinners unite online for salvation, according to the Miami Herald:

    The confession appears at ivescrewedup.com, a website launched by the Flamingo Road Church in Cooper City. It's one of a growing number of such sites across the country -- some secular and others church-sponsored -- that offer a place to spill out ugly secrets or just make peccadilloes public.

    "I think it helps people understand...that we're not here to point out people's screw-ups, that we're here to help them," said lead Pastor Troy Gramling, whose nondenominational church launched the site on Easter weekend. "The church is made of skin and flesh and people that have made mistakes."

It's especially helpful when we sinners don't actually have to see the "skin and flesh people" of the church.

    A recent redesign gave readers the option to post prayers or responses to the confessions.

"OK [email protected], just copy and paste 10 Hail Marys and 11 Our Fathers, and you will be absolved."

    The websites, with their voyeuristic appeal, may fulfill people's need to feel better about their own behavior or moral values.

Perfect... Yet another forum that enables creeps to feel better about their deviance: "Hey, I may be a rapist, but that guy is a rapist and a crack addict. Someone hand me a halo!"

— Red "Sinners Click Here" Panda, Light Reading

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