Sign o' the Times

4:00 PM -- This sign sums up everything that is wrong with American Airlines, which has to be one of the world's worst companies.

You'll note that in a three-word safety sign there are two mistakes and, yet, the sign was still produced in volume and mounted on nearly every giant baggage claim machine in Terminal A at Dallas Fartworth Airport.

Bad signs aside, American Airlines is really the kind of place that creates the perfect storm of incompetence and apathy. From the no pillows rule to the $3 box of stale crackers and other non-perishable rations it calls a meal, the airline just pounds its customers with one message: "We give up."

Personally, I wish they would give up and cease operations. I'd love for a JetBlue or Virgin Atlantic to come to Texas and start doing business at DFW. I've flown those carriers in the past, they pretended to give a damn.

Are there any other airlines I should be looking to give my business to?

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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