Sex, Drugs & No Good TV

2:30 PM -- Some news from around the digital content world that's worth your attention.

  • AT&T targets pirates.
    Now that AT&T is selling pay-TV services, it's decided to join forces with the RIAA and the MPAA to protect its content. Cue the sound of howling wolves and thunder.

  • Presidential debate comes to YouTube.
    CNN and YouTube are teaming up to put a new spin on presidential debates. Think of it as Rodney Dangerfield shaking up the country club snobs in Caddyshack, except he's seventeen years old, has a Webcam, and is interested in the political process. Kind of brilliant in it's own way.

  • Gene Simmons invests in No Good TV.
    The Demon from Kiss has opened his pocketbook for No Good TV. The video site describes itself as "the world’s largest producer of uncensored celebrity news and entertainment programming." No Good TV's bombastic homepage and handy-dandy video player looks set to give Joost a run for its money, especially in the crucial 18- to 34-year-old male demographic.

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