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Small Cell Future for Ex-BDAC Chair

Here's a small cell story with a difference

In what is a chastening tale for our times, Jacqueline Pierce, former chair of the FCC's Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC), has been jailed for five years for defrauding investors during her time as the CEO of Alaskan telco Quintillion.

Pierce was accused, and found guilty, of forging eight broadband capacity contracts that had a combined value of about $1 billion in order to attract and secure investments of more than $270 million to build fiber transport network infrastructure. For the broader background, see the Light Reading report from April last year.

US District Judge Edgardo Ramos handed down the sentence in a New York federal court last week. For more details, see this Justice Dept. report.

The moral of the story? Don't give in to the temptation to cheat: Crime doesn't pay, especially if you get caught...

This isn't the first time that BDAC and small cells have appeared in the same Light Reading story: See Carriers Awkwardly Embrace San Jose's Small Cell Success .

— Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

James_B_Crawshaw 6/27/2019 | 6:24:00 AM
Sentencing 5 years for forging $1bn of orders. The Autonomy CFO got 5 years for "using backdated contracts and other forms of accounting fraud to inflate Autonomy's revenue, in an effort to attract potential buyers." Seems a bit harsh for Hussain. 
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