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Global Capacity Signals App Aspirations

The connectivity deal announced Monday between Global Capacity and Intelepeer looks routine enough -- the latter will use the former's One Marketplace to extend the reach of its CoreCloud SIP Trunking service to more access points.

This contract, however, signals a new market opening for Global Capacity and its hundreds of access carrier partners, says Mary Stanhope, the company's vice president of marketing. IntelePeer Inc. represents a new kind of industry player. (See IntelePeer Taps Global Capacity for Ethernet.)

"We have been working with them under a master service contract," Stanhope says. "This increases that to work with applications service providers to deliver apps to their customers."

ASPs are now looking to include connectivity in the applications they deliver to their enterprise customers, rather than expecting their customers to find that on their own. This essentially cuts out the middleman -- a network service provider -- in delivering key enterprise applications.

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Of course, Global Capacity essentially markets a conglomeration of network service providers through its One Marketplace, offering real-time pricing and on-demand service delivery. Through Intelepeer's connection to One Marketplace in Chicago, Dallas and Denver, it can now deliver its unified communications through a simpler network set-up process, easing access to applications.

"ASPs are very knowledgeable in their applications and computing and networking between their computing systems, but when it comes to the world of network access and local access, many of them don't have expertise," Stanhope says. "We are delivering that connectivity -- they have full visibility into what their options are, no matter where they are connecting, so they can expand the reach of their applications without taking weeks or months to figure out that connectivity piece."

Managed service providers have already been using Global Capacity's One Marketplace for this kind of expansion and now ASPs are beginning to as well.

— Carol Wilson, Editor-at-Large, Light Reading

Mitch Wagner 11/16/2015 | 3:40:20 PM
Makes sense Makes sense for ASPs to want to offer connectivity. It helps ASPs provide quality service assurance and generates additional revenue.
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