Virtual Reality

Where Does VR Go From Here?

SVA's Jason Thibeault discusses the state of VR technology and business cases, the market hurdles and the direction he sees the industry heading.

Phil_Britt 5/19/2018 | 7:10:17 PM
Re: Experimentation Phase VR has some definite applications in manufacturing to help technicians work on complex machinery. This was dicussed by a few companies at a recent plastics industry conference.
kq4ym 5/16/2018 | 9:07:23 AM
Experimentation Phase Yes, it's probably mostly true that VR is indeed in the experimentation phase as folks see the every increasing deelopments in VR equipment and capabilites to see what just might fly and be worth the investment, or at least worth a gamble to see if there's an application that might well be useful in a partiular work environment.
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