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Last Look – CES 2018 Spectacular, in Photos

Before we put CES to bed for another year, it's time for one last look at the wildest and weirdest the show had to offer. And the craziest stuff? Not all of it was on the show floor.

For previous coverage, check out the video our crew produced at the CES Showstoppers event. (See CES 2018: Tomorrow's Gadgets at Showstoppers.)

To start the slideshow, click the photo below.

Tongue Impression
The Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas was hosting a Rolling Stones exhibit when CES rolled through. Style-wise it felt like the perfect match.
The Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas was hosting a Rolling Stones exhibit when CES rolled through. Style-wise it felt like the perfect match.

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— Mari Silbey, Senior Editor, Cable/Video, Light Reading

Joe Stanganelli 2/5/2018 | 9:25:04 PM
Laundry folding Aside from the impracticalities of having an additional appliance that looks to be the size of a filing cabinet in my living space, I'm definitely not in the automatic-laundry-folder demographic. For me, folding laundry is probably the chore I get the most peace and enjoyment out of. I find that it's useful for relaxation -- and, besides, it's one of the cleanest and tidiest chores to do in the house (because it strictly involves handling things that are already freshly cleaned).

So why the "don't ask the price" on that slide? Because it's hideously expensive (as one might think such a thing to be)? Or because the vendor outright refused to share pricing information?
kq4ym 2/5/2018 | 12:36:19 PM
Re: AFLAC!! From giant tongue and huge suitcase boombox to laundry folding machines, it looks like everyone had the oportuninty to not only learn but be entertained this year at CES 2018. Wonder what we could predict for 2019?
PaulERainford 1/23/2018 | 11:34:22 AM
Re: AFLAC!! Can't decide if that's cute or slightly creepy. I'm thinking specimen jars.
Mitch Wagner 1/23/2018 | 11:31:37 AM
PaulERainford 1/23/2018 | 5:12:52 AM
Re: AFLAC!! I think we need a slide show on this - 'Mitch's Favorite Places to Sit'. With the appropriate lamp placement, of course.
Mitch Wagner 1/22/2018 | 12:55:15 PM
AFLAC!! I'm unclear on who the intended buyer is for that laundry-folding gadget. From what I've read, you have to attach the garment to clips on the device before it will work. At that point, isn't it just as easy to fold it yourself?

Now if you could dump a basket of laundry into an intake and have it come out all nice and folded, people might be willing to buy it. 

OTOH, people seem to like their smart house gadgets and for me I don't see the point. If I want to turn on or off a light, I get up and turn on or off a light. Or even better position a lamp near my favorite places to sit. 
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