Podcast: These pitches be crazy!

It goes without saying that the editors at Light Reading are living the dream, but this job – nay, calling – is not all puppy tails and rainbows. The sad truth is that many of the email pitches we receive from public relations (professionals?) are off the mark.

In this Light Reading podcast, editors Phil Harvey, Mike Dano, Jeff Baumgartner and I share some story pitches that are about as useful as a Shake Weight. Whether it’s letting us know which cities are the best to find herbal refreshment, where we can get travel-sized lawn samplings for our dogs to do their business or how to get more information on stories we've already reported on, these pitches were too wild not to share with our readers.

While we've clearly made it onto some media contact lists that have nothing to do with the telecom industry, we are grateful to all the PR pros striving to better understand our beat, woo us with free water bottles (writing makes me thirsty!) and who actually answer our follow-up questions before the news breaks. Before you get a big head, though, we plan on future podcasts where we point out more pitches that simply struck out (so you’ve been forewarned).

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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