SlideshowFacebook Debuts Terragraph & ARIES to Extend Wireless

Still Disconnected
Much of the world still lacks connectivity. (Source: Facebook)
Much of the world still lacks connectivity.
(Source: Facebook)

steve q 4/14/2016 | 10:57:00 PM
Re: Race Is this the same plan that Verizon wireless is looking into with the new 5g and Boston Ma?  I see the best idea is to find better way's so those on the move can stay online and keep the business world moving. The need for more Wi-Fi hotspot's in area that need to reach more customer.
Mitch Wagner 4/14/2016 | 2:16:25 PM
Re: Smart city implications msilbey - By application elements, you mean smart parking alerts, streetlights, trash bins, and so on?
Mitch Wagner 4/14/2016 | 2:15:29 PM
Re: Race danielcawrey - Yes, Google and Facebook are in the amazing positions of having run out of people on the planet to use their service. They can either get more peole on the Internet online, or discover life on other planets. 
msilbey 4/14/2016 | 12:52:51 PM
Smart city implications I am very interested in how this (Project Aries) plays out in conjunction with smart city initiatives. It seems likely that any new city-based wireless infrastructure experiments will have to include a smart city application component. When testing this out in the US at least, it just makes sense to do both at once. 
danielcawrey 4/13/2016 | 9:25:05 PM
Race This race between Google and Facebook to connect the world will only become more competitive.

Both companies must continue to grow, and the fact that they are both deep in initiatives to do this suggests they know the trajectory. It's simple: they need more users, and giving those users internet is the solution to growth. 
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