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Operax announces new product and positioning for dynamic resource and admission control

October 9, 2007

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STOCKHOLM -- Operax, the leading vendor of dynamic Resource and Admission Control solutions for IP service quality, announces today a number of new initiatives at the IEC Broadband World Forum Europe. With these initiatives, Operax will be able to continue to build on its success with customers and partners to meet the demands for Next-Generation Networks.

The announcements includes:

  • Operax Resource Controller 3300 - for single service deployments such as IPTV and VoD in non-IMS and pre-IMS environments.

  • Defines the Policy Management category for resource and policy-based admission control as dynamic Resource and Admission Control

  • Rename of Operax products - Operax Bandwidth Manager 5500 to Operax Resource Controller 5500; Operax Bandwidth Manager 5700 to Operax Resource Controller 5700; Operax Resource Manager becomes Operax Command Resource Controller

Operax Resource Controller 3300

Operax Resource Controller 3300™ is a new dynamic Resource and Admission Control product for rapid deployment for single services such as IPTV and VoD in non-IMS and pre-IMS environments. It provides per session and per subscriber QoS guarantees across broadband access, aggregation and edge networks – while allowing efficient resource utilization.

Many pre-IMS services have the same needs for quality assurance and efficient network utilization as those for IMS. For example, IPTV and other VOD services deployed in pre-IMS architectures are extremely bandwidth-hungry despite efforts to curtail their demands through the use of new encoding and other techniques. To specifically address the near-term demand from carriers to support single-services in pre-IMS architectures, Operax has developed Resource Controller 3300. This is a dynamic topology and resource aware solution that can make intelligent admission decisions for any type of next-generation service. To assist in easier deployment at lower cost it is provided with pre-configured templates and selected interfaces. Built on the same technology as Operax Resource Controller 5500, migration to full multi-service IMS can be readily achieved.

Operax Resource Controller 3300 minimizes network integration and start up costs whilst providing functionality normally found in much larger scale products. Feature packs are also available to meet specific service requirements and to allow operators to further optimize deployments.

Dynamic Resource and Admission Control

Policy Management is one of the most exciting categories of solution element for Next-Generation Networks; Operax is taking the initiative to help better describe the role and purpose of this type of solution and offering a new description: dynamic Resource and Admission Control to replace ‘Bandwidth Management’.

Operax Resource Controller 5500, Operax Resource Controller 5700, Operax Command Resource Controller

As part of the initiative to bring clearer definition to the Policy Management category and to support the new definition of dynamic Resource and Admission Control, Operax renames its products Operax Bandwidth Manager 5500™ to Operax Resource Controller 5500™, and Operax Bandwidth Manager 5700™ to Operax Resource Controller 5700™ with effect from Monday 8 October 2007. Operax solution for tactical military IP networks, Operax Resource Manager™ becomes Operax Command Resource Controller™.

“Our research shows that there is a growing interest in the whole policy space, but also some confusion because this is a complex area,” said Graham Finnie, chief analyst at Heavy Reading. “There is a clear need to distinguish resource and admission control from other kinds of QoS techniques.”

Richard Lowe, CEO Operax, stated: "We think it is important for the customers and partners to be able to see the clear role of different Policy Management components and that their availability and capabilities can be very different. Dynamic Resource and Admission Control, as manifested in Operax's solutions is mature and available today and readily deployable in a number of customer and partner-friendly options."

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