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Getting Your Magenta Kicks

News on the New York City grapevine this week is that so many T-Mobile US store employees have asked to wear magenta sneakers just like those sported by CEO John Legere, that the colorful footwear has now been approved under the company's dress code.

Two things strike me about this.

Firstly -- T-Mobile US Inc. stores have a dress code? I've spent plenty of time in them, and I've never ever discerned any sartorial themes.

Secondly -- maybe the foul-mouthed and fashion-forward CEO should think about capitalizing on this craze for pink, and launch his own magenta clothing line. After all, Carlos Santana has his own line of extremely high-heeled women's shoes*. (See T-Mobile: Might As Well JUMP.)

Really, what could go wrong?

Here at Light Reading HQ, we're almost certain that magenta jumpsuits will come back in fashion, oh, any day now...

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

*Clearly, Carlos Santana has never walked a mile in his own shoes.

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DanJones 5/12/2014 | 2:10:17 PM
Re: One caveat... Oh yeah, it certainly makes sense to have a strong image and brand.
danielcawrey 5/10/2014 | 2:18:27 PM
Re: One caveat... I think that this is just smart marketing if you ask me. When a company finds a trend or any positive spin on their brand, they have to run with it. 

T-Mobile has to embrace whatever marketing push there is. The truth of the matter is that their service does not have great coverage and their data speeds left a lot to be desired.

But they do have very reasonable plans, and some people can be enticed towards that with the right sales spin. 
DanJones 5/9/2014 | 4:14:06 PM
Re: No black turtlenecks and jeans for Apple stores? Fake blonde beards for all!
Sarah Thomas 5/9/2014 | 1:54:37 PM
Re: No black turtlenecks and jeans for Apple stores? In the case, I dress like I work for Facebook...
mhhf1ve 5/9/2014 | 1:48:37 PM
Re: No black turtlenecks and jeans for Apple stores? Yup. I can only imagine long hair for virgin retail stores, maybe.
Sarah Thomas 5/9/2014 | 1:44:47 PM
Other T-Mobile ideas... Not sure if anyone caught this on Stephen Colbert, but it's pretty funny: 


They say no press is bad press... T-Mobile embraced it and was promoting it all over Twitter. For how gross it was, Colbert actually got a lot of T-Mo info in, so I bet it helped the company, if anything.

Sarah Thomas 5/9/2014 | 1:42:44 PM
Re: No black turtlenecks and jeans for Apple stores? haha that would be totally creepy! It would only work for a few companies. The rest would be all in boring suits and ties.
DanJones 5/9/2014 | 1:03:30 PM
Re: No black turtlenecks and jeans for Apple stores? Apple stores in NYC already have a pretty cult-ish vibe anyway, to me at least.
mhhf1ve 5/9/2014 | 12:20:22 PM
No black turtlenecks and jeans for Apple stores? Hopefully, this isn't a trend for retail store employees to start dressing like their CEOs. Most CEOs aren't so fashionably notable, so this probably won't catch on. But it would be a bit creepy for Apple store employees to wear black turtlenecks and jeans all the time.
DanJones 5/9/2014 | 11:46:09 AM
T-Mobile dress code I just went and checked they appear to have standardized on a black t-shirt with a magenta logo as standard store wear, so just to be fair, there does appear to be some measure of dress code.
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