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Getting Your Magenta Kicks

News on the New York City grapevine this week is that so many T-Mobile US store employees have asked to wear magenta sneakers just like those sported by CEO John Legere, that the colorful footwear has now been approved under the company's dress code.

Two things strike me about this.

Firstly -- T-Mobile US Inc. stores have a dress code? I've spent plenty of time in them, and I've never ever discerned any sartorial themes.

Secondly -- maybe the foul-mouthed and fashion-forward CEO should think about capitalizing on this craze for pink, and launch his own magenta clothing line. After all, Carlos Santana has his own line of extremely high-heeled women's shoes*. (See T-Mobile: Might As Well JUMP.)

Really, what could go wrong?

Here at Light Reading HQ, we're almost certain that magenta jumpsuits will come back in fashion, oh, any day now...

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

*Clearly, Carlos Santana has never walked a mile in his own shoes.

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