Max Silber of MetTel on reaching the end user – wherever they are

Max Silber is VP of mobility and IoT for MetTel, a US-based provider of mobile and wireless services to about 5,000 enterprise customers, including the US government.

He spoke to Light Reading's Iain Morris at the Big 5G event in Austin, Texas, about the challenges involved in helping companies through an unprecedented period of swift digital transformation, thanks to the global pandemic.

"I think we like to think of ourselves as on the bleeding edge," said Silber.

"So we kind of took the leap as the pandemic started, and it was a great decision.

"Everybody forgot that when the pandemic started and people started to work from home ... we could no longer ship you know, pallets' worth of equipment to someone's location for them to distribute out to employees and provision over the year for cybersecurity and applications.

"We were able to ship directly to the end user. And it helped us build this model so now regardless of where individuals end up [we can reach them].

"So we're delivering devices to end users, regardless of where they are. They could be office space, they could be home based. And those devices really are ready to configure.

"In the last two years, we've essentially completely decentralized a global workforce."

— Iain Morris, International Editor, Light Reading

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