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SlideshowNokia: A Global Network Operator for the Enterprise?

kq4ym 12/17/2016 | 4:41:23 PM
Re: No time to consider potential impact... The need to adapt is certainly a key work in this new business climate. Nokia most likely will survive with some luck in their new avenue moves. Probably some profits will increase in as much "as Nokia caters to the needs of large enterprise and public sector organizations," already and can use those skills as a base along with new venture areas.
bosco_pcs 12/6/2016 | 6:01:37 PM
Re: No time to consider potential impact... But you look at the role shift in $T (Direct TV and soon $TWX) and $VZ (selling Datacenter but buying AOL and soon $YHOO), not surprised if $ERIC and $NOK become supplier/operator one stop shop 
Mitch Wagner 12/6/2016 | 1:00:56 PM
Re: No time to consider potential impact... Alienating telco customers is a risk but with that business already shrinking it does not seem Nokia has a lot to lose. 
[email protected] 12/6/2016 | 8:09:30 AM
No time to consider potential impact... The time to be considering whether a customer might get the hump over a move into a certain business area is over. ALl the major vendors are going to do this and any operator that thinks they won't is kidding themselves.

All the vendors need new business opportunities (Huawei, notably, has been aggressive in pursuing those opportunities for a number of years now and spread itself far and wide) and if, along the way, some shrinking legacy business relationship gets called into question, that's a risk that will need t be taken.

The new mantra is 'partnership' -- finding those at every opportunity, with whatever type of partner, is what's important now.

The industry has changed - now the players have to adapt.
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