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Ovum Analyzes the Trump Effect

It's almost a week since Donald Trump became the US president-elect, but it's still front-page news across the world, so great is the impact of any significant economic/political event in the US.

The potential impacts on the telecom, IT and media sectors are wide-ranging, which is why Ovum Ltd. rallied its international team of multi-disciplinary analysts to examine the potential implications of a Trump White House.

Aneil Rakity, managing director at Ovum, set the scene well in his column, US election result creates uncertainty for the TMT industry, with a reminder that, despite current reactions and financial market turmoil, it will be some time before the pieces of the Trump presidency puzzle start to create any sort of clear picture:

    In the short term, there will be a general slowdown of major decisions in capital and investment by US and international firms as they wait to get a better understanding of the new administration's trade, tax, immigration, and foreign policy. The presidential inauguration is not for a further 100 days (January 20, 2017), but the uncertainty will last for at least the next six months, and it won't be until mid-2017 that Trump starts to share more about these topics and proposed changes to policy.

That doesn't mean there isn't plenty of reasoned and useful analysis to be done right now: Check out the following opinion columns from the Ovum ranks to get to grips with some of the key considerations.

— Ray Le Maistre, Circle me on Google+ Follow me on TwitterVisit my LinkedIn profile, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

kq4ym 11/22/2016 | 1:35:44 PM
Re: Slow burn... As hard as it is to predict the future even out a year or so in "normal" condidtions, thie Trump effect on the communications industry may be hard to predict even from month to month dependng on just how much information if released from the Executive office. Maybe lots of silence and/or contrary statements will keep everyone guessing for the next four years?
[email protected] 11/14/2016 | 5:52:14 AM
Slow burn... As Aneil mentions, there will be a delayed reaction that will last long after Trump's presidency, however long that lasts. (Could it go the full 8 years?)
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