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Oracle OpenWorld in Pix: Watch Out for Funny Cigarettes

SAN FRANCISCO -- Oracle OpenWorld 2015 -- Three days at Oracle OpenWorld had me feeling like a country bumpkin in the big city.

I've spent the last couple of years attending small, focused conferences with attendance in the hundreds -- occasionally the low thousands. And I shuttle regularly between my home in San Diego and Silicon Valley.

But Oracle Open World is big -- 60,000-plus attendees according to Oracle -- literally hundreds of times bigger than most of the conferences I attend. And it's been a while since I've been to San Francisco, an hour's drive north of my usual Silicon Valley haunts. San Diego is a more sprawling and cleaner city than San Francisco, which is dense, tall, and gritty.

Moscone West at Night
Oracle welcomes you with this prominent banner on Moscone Center West.
Oracle welcomes you with this prominent banner on Moscone Center West.

It wasn't just the size of the conference and the city that were intense. There was a lot of information to absorb. I learned quite a bit about Oracle's cloud and comms strategy, its comms partners, and their path to the New IP. We've already told you about some of what we learned.

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And we'll have more over the next few days.

But first, a slideshow of some of what I saw in the City by the Bay. Click the photo above to begin.

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kq4ym 11/13/2015 | 9:24:51 AM
Re: no violent homeless people? That is an amazing number of folks attending! From tea bikes to giant cigars, the photos were extremely entertaining, it would have been nice to be there in person to hear Larry E.
mendyk 10/31/2015 | 9:38:36 AM
Re: no violent homeless people? Yes, there's always an attraction to "the sky is falling" analyses -- reality is usually less drastic or dramatic. I won't blame SV tech journalists too much for this: If you live and work in Oz, you're just going to have to deliver lots of stories about the Wizard and his Wonderful Works. "The Demise of X" stories aren't limited to the tech sector.
Joe Stanganelli 10/31/2015 | 5:10:26 AM
Re: no violent homeless people? Psst.  All conferences are company shows.  ;)

Some are just more obvious about it than others.
Joe Stanganelli 10/31/2015 | 5:09:00 AM
Re: no violent homeless people? @Mitch: ...unless the dog licked it off.  #ew
Mitch Wagner 10/30/2015 | 5:14:24 PM
Re: no violent homeless people? mendyk - I think the reports that IT and telecom companies are dying are coming from people who don't understand the importance and significance of the business customers those companies serve. That buzz seems to be mainly coming from Silicon Valley tech journalists who understand the business of building technology to serve hothouse trust fund babies who lack the ability to drive their own car or prepare their own food. But it doesn't translate into the real world. 

Sure, there's a lot of turmoil right now, and most of the billion-dollar companies now in business will be defunct in 10 years, as our Dear Leader and John Chambers have both noted. But that does not mean that sector will disappear, anymore than the demise of Digital Equipment and Data General meant the death of enterprise computing. 

Some existing giants will cross that chasm, and Oracle looks good to be one of those companies.
Mitch Wagner 10/30/2015 | 5:07:37 PM
Re: no violent homeless people? I did not tread in any poop to my knowedge. I'll check my shoes. Although because my dress shoes are in the bedroom now, I expect I'd have noticed it if I imported any poop. 

Seriously, I wonder if Oracle paid to clean up that section of the city -- roust out the homeless and clean up the streets a bit. 
Steve Saunders 10/30/2015 | 2:41:17 PM
Re: no violent homeless people? did you tread in any poop? I understand this is a major problem in SF, too. 


mendyk 10/30/2015 | 2:38:22 PM
Re: no violent homeless people? Yes -- but it's basically a company show. Maybe reports of the demise of the IT/telecom tech giants are a bit ... premature?
Mitch Wagner 10/30/2015 | 1:31:16 PM
Re: no violent homeless people? There was quite a lot of programming, much of it very specific to individual industries. 
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