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Masergy Unclogs Pipes to Cloud Apps

In the competition to make connections to cloud-based business apps easier, Masergy is taking a new approach: It has teamed with Cloudpipes, which created simple tools for managing how data moves between cloud-based applications, to connect its Global UCaaS unified communications service to more than 150 popular apps, including Salesforce.com and IBM's Watson analytics. (See Masergy Teams With Cloudpipes on Enhanced UCaaS.)

The combination of Masergy and Cloudpipes will enable enterprises to use drag and drop tools to build Masergy unified communications capabilities as part of cloud application workflows. Masergy's applications programming interfaces (APIs) are now among the APIs that are "normalized" for Cloudpipes' design tools.

Being able to easily connect communications services to cloud-based apps such as Salesforce.com Inc., Microsoft Dynamics, Slack, Hubspot, Google Docs, Twitter and more, will allow businesses to create their own customized workflows, without expensive integration or professional services, says Dean Manzoori, VP of product management, UcaaS for Masergy.

"This puts the tools back in the hands of the business manager," he tells Light Reading in an interview.

Manzoori offers one simple example of how this can work: As a phone call comes into to a business sales professional, it rings automatically on her deskphone and cellphone. The incoming call number is captured and sent to Salesforce.com where, if it exists as an object, the call is automatically recorded and both the recording and a transcription -- produced by IBM Watson -- are stored as an activity stream in Salesforce.

In addition, he says, IBM Watson can detect tone of voice on the call and note if this was a complaint, an inquiry or a compliment, and that can trigger other responses, such as a calendar item to return the call.

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What Cloudpipes has produced is the APIs into more than 150 business apps and a simple visual drag and drop toolset that lets business managers determine how they want to link communications and apps. Masergy will help with the latter process and as businesses themselves come up with combinations of services, will generate templates that guide future use.

"We are going to ask our customers to be creative and find ways to use the tools to do things that work for them," Manzoori comments. "Our customers are smarter than we sometimes give them credit for being -- they understand their businesses better than anyone."

Because of the normalized API channels and drag-and-drop tools of Cloudpipes, the businesses only need to determine what the triggers should be on incoming calls, answered calls or released calls, and how the information that is collected from date and time to the incoming number can best be used, he said.

Masergy is the first communications service provider to work with Cloudpipes, and intends to make this new capability a competitive advantage, Manzoori says.

— Carol Wilson, Editor-at-Large, Light Reading

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