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Fibrenoire Finds Assurance With Accedian

The CTO of Fibrenoire, Canada's first Carrier Ethernet 2.0 operator, has credited Accedian with helping it overcome the challenges of assuring its cloud services in a market environment rapidly evolving to hybrid private and public clouds.

The companies this week announced in tandem that Accedian has been helping the Montreal-based service provider assure performance of its Ethernet cloud services as it has rapidly expanded its network and services over the last three-plus years. Fibrenoire's most recent expansion highlight was the opening of a new point of presence in Ottawa, Ontario. (See Canada's Fibrenoire Deploys Accedian.)

The news comes just days before Light Reading's Big Telecom Event, where Accedian will be showcasing its performance monitoring solutions, and where it may have another bit of news to release, the company hinted. Accedian earlier this year announced T-Mobile Poland as a customer for its network assurance solutions, and late last month boasted that seven service providers had adopted its virtual CPE platform. (See Making Sense of It All at BTE, Accedian Touts 7 Service Provider vCPE Wins and T-Mobile Poland Taps Accedian for Network Assurance.)

Fibrenoire CTO Jean-Francois Levesque tells Light Reading the vendor has been key to its ability to test, monitor and guarantee SLAs, and extend better quality of service to its Ethernet services. "We have been working with Accedian for more than three years now," he says. "We were using another performance monitoring solution from a different vendor to support quality of service for VoIP services, but we needed a Carrier Ethernet product, and the other vendor didn't have the features we wanted at that time.”

Network and service assurance capabilities are becoming critically important with the rise of a complex hybrid cloud environment in which every customer has its own requirements and comfort levels with using public and private clouds, he says. "It really depends on the customer. Some always want to do certain things on private clouds, but they want to make use of the elasticity of the public cloud for other things. You need to create a solution suitable to each customer's mixed public and private cloud environments."

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Being Carrier Ethernet-certified helps, Levesque says. While there are now six service providers in Canada with Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certification for some or all of their services, Fibrenoire was the first to earn it, in 2013, a distinction which still pays dividends, he says.

Accedian also has had its gear certified under the CE 2.0, and though CE 2.0 service providers do not always require their vendors to have the CE 2.0 stamp, this may give Fibrenoire another degree of confidence in dealing with Accedian. Scott Sumner, vice president of solutions development and marketing at Accedian, says, "Certification means the network and services performance is highly predictable, which is going to make a difference to people using hybrid clouds."

— Dan O'Shea, Managing Editor, Light Reading

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