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SlideshowHR: Cable Dominates US Broadband

comtech3 3/22/2018 | 3:04:20 AM
Re: Pipe dreams I don't know you got that where cable MSOs are gaining DSL subs, rather than Telco fiber subs. I am a field tech, and I assume you aren't, as such,  I am seeing a lot of Fios subs jumping ship. When ask why, their major qualm is the limited video offering, and price. Another thing, especially as Comcast is concerned, they not only have a wider variety of video offering and OnDemand liberary, but a greater variety of STBs, such as X1 DVR, X1 HD, Xi5 WiFi STB, DTA, or digital terminal adapter, and last but not lease, subs are able to purchase their own cable MODEMs instead of paying a monthly fee. In case of the latter point, Verizon discourages its subs to use their own router, although it does give them the option to purchase the Actiontech router that they offer.However, in most intstances, Verizon keeps that secret close to their chest!

The one bright spot for telco fiber is that their reliabilty over cablecos HFC is much more assured in terms of outages. All it takes is for a single line extender fuse being blown to bring an entire neighborhood to a screeching hault. Baring a major feeder break, telcos don't have regular outages. But with node plus zero and fiber deep, the cablecos will soon be on par with their telco rivals.
Duh! 3/21/2018 | 1:20:27 PM
Dynamic situation Most of Cable's adds are DSL losses. All of the Tier-1 telcos report positive net adds in their FTTH services. In fact, New Street Research shows AT&T stealing a meaningful number of customers from MSOs in Q4/17 in areas where they deployed Fiber last year. They are also on track for another 3M new homes passed this year. Cincinatti Bell's aggressive FTTH build-out is winning them net adds.

Telcos will stop bleeding DSL customers when there are none left. That trend has already started at CenturyLink. Whether those customers come back depends entirely on how much they are willing to invest in FTTH.

But we knew that already. Thanks, Captain Obvious.


brooks7 3/21/2018 | 1:19:37 PM
Re: Pipe dreams  

It is almost like Network Delivery is a different business than content companies.

Wonder who else has said that here.



mendyk 3/21/2018 | 11:40:11 AM
Pipe dreams Alan's observations seem to bolster the case that focusing on bandwidth delivery is really the best way for operators to succeed, rather than dabbling in what actually goes into those pipes.
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