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Google OnHub Router

MikeP688 8/31/2015 | 4:46:03 AM
Re: WiFi reach Although this is welcome, the traditional players (AT&T being most notable) won't be sitting idly by to help facilitate the creation of the smart home.   I can't help but wonder how they will counter this expected onslaught from Google.
jiluiany 8/21/2015 | 4:40:51 AM
good idea ? WiFi Router seems to be a good idea, we'll see if it wins the expected win against the public.
Sarah Thomas 8/19/2015 | 3:08:03 PM
WiFi reach On a personal level, I'll be curious to hear how it performs in old, brick homes. My condo is pretty small, but I've yet to find a router that will provide WiFi in my bedroom, which hurts my addiction to checking my phone first thing in the AM... I think it's because of all the brick and old steel, but I would think today's routers can do better than that. 
KBode 8/19/2015 | 11:21:48 AM
Re: Part of a smart home initiative? Eager to see some reviews, and could be an early buyer. Hopefully this project doesn't suffer the same fate as the Google Orb, which was supposed to launch a Google-driven living room revolution.
msilbey 8/19/2015 | 11:09:33 AM
Re: Part of a smart home initiative? The Brillo push might have been downplayed, but there were enough references to Zigbee andd 802.15.4 to make it clear that this is a gateway for IoT services. 
KBode 8/19/2015 | 9:49:16 AM
Re: Part of a smart home initiative? My understanding is this is the opening salvo in the Brillo push, but it seems like the smart home connectivity angles were downplayed in the announcement. I'm certainly interested in a smarter, simpler router if the reviews show it's secure and functional enough...
cnwedit 8/19/2015 | 8:45:48 AM
Part of a smart home initiative? I wonder how this fits in with Google's play into the smart home and the brilliantly named Brillo operating systsem for the Internet of Things. 
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