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bosco_pcs 9/16/2016 | 12:11:58 PM
Re: Nice Reporting Maybe a bit off topic but since there are quite a few specialists here on Light Reading, anyone has any feeling about 4.5G?

A bit of a backgrounder. A friend of mine was running a small shop in the upper Mid West a few years ago but he (his shop) was taken by surprise of Verizon's aggressive 4G rollout. If the big boys are pulling another beggar-thy-competitor strategy, the 4.5G could be a big deal. P.S. the same friend has doubt about 5G though, since it is very costly
[email protected] 9/16/2016 | 11:38:44 AM
Re: Nice Reporting Fixed access has real potential to become a major bottleneck as video, cloud and, ultimately, the slew of servcies enabled by 4G-on-steroids/5G flodd the edge of the network with bandwidth hungry traffic.

There's a reasonn why the only part of Nokia's networks business that grew in Q2 was the fixed broadband unit.
msilbey 9/15/2016 | 3:42:36 PM
Re: Nice Reporting I wonder if it's a temporary blip because of supply chain issues. Regardless, someone was clearly caught unawares. I'm likely to meet with Corning in a couple of weeks. Hope to learn more then. 
bosco_pcs 9/15/2016 | 1:47:58 PM
Nice Reporting Interesting to see there is even a backlog on fiber
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