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9:40 AM -- A concerned readers writes in to let us know that the gosh darn gummint has done fouled up even the simplest of life's pleasures, like getting cheap VOIP phone service:

I remember a wistful time in my youth were I'd sit by the stream barefoot and fish all day, and the VoIP bill would be what the man on TV said it would be....$24.99 per month.

4 years later and every government pig has figured out where the new age trough is; my VoIP service. What a shame...

I'm wondering if Verizon doesn't secretly enjoying closing the price gap of Competitive VoIP vs. Legacy VZ Landline costs to keep people from making the jump away from them...

Of course, when Verizon ends up 100% VoIP in the distant future, they won't care about taxes, and they can go back to charging for fun items like the Spanish American War Phone tax!

The reader shared his bill here:

I appreciate the letter, but note that the bill includes a $10 residential fax service, so that definitely helps bump up the bill. Otherwise, not including sales tax, you're paying about $8 a month for things no one really understands, which I think is about average.

So I'd recommend, if you truly want to save on phone costs, go all wireless all the time. Sure, it means you might have to pay Verizon again but, hey, so does Vonage.

— Phil Harvey, Barely Managing Editor, Light Reading

caddel 12/5/2012 | 2:58:16 PM
re: Vonage Bill After receiving terrible service for four months from Vonage and talking with them about lack of phone service, static on the lines, lost voice messages, etc I decided to switch to AT&T. AT&T told me they would contact Vonage and inform them of the cancellation. For the next two months following my switch to AT&T, Vonage continued to charge my credit card. I contacted my CC company and told them of the cancellation and disputed the bill. The CC company suggested that I cancel the CC and get a totally new number which I did. I spent four months trying to get Vonage to cancel my account. I sent 4 emails and made 4 phone calls all to no avail. I mailed them a registered letter. That did not work either. Now they have sent a bill collector after me. I wrote them them explaining I would gladly meet them in court. Be careful if you decide to go with Vonage. They have very little service and attempt to collect for services never provided.
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