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BARCELONA, Spain and LONDON -- SMC Networks (www.smc.com), The Cloud (www.thecloud.net) and Skype (www.skype.net) today announced a partnership that will deliver the first mobile roaming Skype service on WiFi handsets with access to over 8,500 public WiFi hotspots across Europe.

After registering their SMC WiFi phone for Skype using an Internet enabled PC, customers can use their SMC Wireless Internet mobile phone to automatically connect to Skype when they are within range of a The Cloud hotspot. The first customers of this service can benefit from a month’s free WiFi hotspot access with additional access packaged at an unlimited use flat rate.

Calls to and from other Skype users are entirely free, while calls to fixed and mobile users can be made at substantially reduced cost via optional purchase of SkypeOut minutes. The phone also provides quick and easy access to Skype accounts and contacts.

"Our agreement and technology development with The Cloud adds a new level of flexibility and mobility to the concept of WiFi telephony," comments George Zervos, General Manager Europe and Africa , SMC Networks, "Our customers can still use accessible WiFi networks at home, in the office, on university campuses and many other places but with this innovative new arrangement, users can seamlessly access thousands of The Cloud hotspots, as well as city centres across Europe and eventually across the world as roaming agreements develop."

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