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SkypeIn Fallout

5:15 AM -- Skype Ltd. has incurred the wrath of revenue-generating customers by withdrawing some of the prestigious regular phone numbers it had handed out, reports PCPro magazine.

Skype had obtained a set of 0207 numbers -- the code for central London -- and handed them out to SkypeIn customers, who pay to have a regular phone number that, when called, diverts to their Skype address.

But when the costs of managing those 0207 numbers went up, Skype withdrew the numbers, leaving some business customers with the headache and cost of having to change their contact details.

Read how Skype is conforming to the telecom sector's customer service norms by clicking on this link, and then read Skype's explanation of the affair.

Even Skype admits it has resorted to "unpleasant measures" -- "We're very sorry for the trouble and (perfectly justified) swearing that this has caused," says Skype's Villu Arak on the VOIP firm's blog.

— Ray Le Maistre, Customer Services Editor, Light Reading

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