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New Rival for Skype

9:00 AM -- I have just tried a new VOIP service (new to me, anyway) called Rakweb, and it's pretty impressive.

The thing I particularly like is that I didn't need to download any software to set up an account or make calls -- it's all done on the Web. (See Raketu Launches RakWeb.)

For folks out there who are wary of what P2P software does once it's on their computer, the Rakwebcall service will likely be of interest.

Basically, you set up an account, buy some pre-paid credit, enter your number and the number of the person you want to call, and click on the call button. The service calls your number and then, once you have picked up, places a call at the other number. The call is then managed by the Rakweb servers.

I called between two U.K. fixed line numbers. The voice quality was good, and it cost $0.01 per minute. I then called between a U.K. mobile and a U.K. fixed line. That took three goes to set up the call, and the voice quality wasn't great, but it was passable, and that cost $0.11 per minute.

Now, you can opt to download software onto your computer so you can initiate calls from your PC, but the key point here, I think, is that you can place calls without any download at all.

The company behind the service is Raketu Communications Inc. , and, as well as setting up voice calls, you can also use the Website for instant messaging and sending SMS/text messages and emails. In the future the company plans to offer video on demand and streaming Internet TV services. A company worth watching, methinks.

— Ray Le Maistre, Downloadphobe, Light Reading

mikerbjohnson 12/5/2012 | 3:05:51 PM
re: New Rival for Skype The proliferation of rivals to skype is becomming a thundering stampede. Especially down here in Asia - Came across an interesting beta version the other day - yoober - which claims to be able to do IM and SMS's - Will be interesting to see and watch who wins this space. the guys with the bigger cheque books, or the first mover with the larger commnunity. I am still unsure as to the winning formula
stamiwin 12/5/2012 | 3:06:41 PM
re: New Rival for Skype Ray, what is the status of IPTV middleware companies these days? Are the good days are over?
digits 12/5/2012 | 3:06:41 PM
re: New Rival for Skype Well, the market is still as fragmented as ever, especially in Europe and Asia.

This week at Supercomm (oops, I mean NXTcomm) should give us an idea of how things are progressing in IPTV middleware, so keep an eye on the story flow this week.
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