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Euronews: July 15

8:00 AM -- Telefónica SA (NYSE: TEF), optical burst switching, and Russian giant Sistema JSFC (London: SSA) feature in today's round up of European telecom news.

  • Germany is to be the starting point for the rollout of Telefónica Europe's IP-based mobile international voice services, built on the Jajah Inc. platform acquired about seven months ago. (See TEF's VoIP Revolution.)

  • According to an IDC report, the European PC market is holding up remarkably well, considering the economic mess the region's in. The global PC market grew by 22.4 percent in the second quarter of 2010, which is good news for the comms sector, given how many new PCs are shipped with embedded mobile capabilities these days.

  • Sistema, which has its finger in many Russian industrial pies (no ketchup with mine, thanks), has acquired navigation technology firm M2M Telematics to help with the creation of a national traffic accidents emergency response network. (See Sistema Buys 51% of M2M Telematics.)
  • Broadband summits seem to come round more quickly than Christmas in the UK, and there's another one today, hosted by the new-ish coalition government. British service providers will be told they need to work together to fulfill the UK's superfast broadband dream. Cue an initial agreement followed by sniping, arguing, and finger-pointing.

  • Over in Ireland they're actually getting on with it. The government has announced the launch of Examplar, a network built using a relatively new transport technology called optical burst switching (OBS). Local vendor Intune Networks is the tech provider underpinning the network. (See Ireland Launches Exemplar Network, InTune Lands Irish Gig, and OBS: The Pipes Are Calling.)

    — Paul Rainford, freelance editor, special to Light Reading

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