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Coms Offers UK VOIP

LONDON -- Coms plc today switches on its Internet Telephony network for UK public use. Unlike Skype, Coms will work on all devices that support the SIP protocol, which is recognised as the International standard for voice over IP (VoIP) networks, bringing simple, cheap internet telephone service to a wide range of PDAs, mobiles and landlines.

Coms uniquely lets each customer select their own free UK personal number from a range of 2 million Ofcom allocated numbers in 185 different geographic area codes. Incoming calls are free and calls between Coms users are also free. Coms charges low rates to UK phones, mobiles and international destinations and for enhanced messaging services.

There are over two million British households using the Internet to make calls, and numbers are only set to increase. Further, SIP is becoming standard in most portable devices. By 2008 most mobile phones and PDAs will be able to receive VoIP calls from the nearest wireless hotspot.

"This mass saturation will enable people to make cheap calls wherever they can get onto a WiFi hotspot, giving the networks a real run for their money." says Terry Martin, CEO of Coms.

"Integration of Coms numbers with existing handsets will be the linchpin of this sector," says Richard Bennett, Corporate Development Officer of Coms. "Our phones are reminiscent of mobile handsets which brings users a sense of familiarity that will drive the uptake of our service - users will quite literally take their landline with them".

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