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CommunicAsia: Skype Hype

SINGAPORE -- CommunicAsia 2010 -- 6:00 AM -- Skype Ltd. CEO Josh Silverman was tasked with delivering a visionary address to kick off this year's CommunicAsia show, but his presentation smacked more of marketing spiel than the "Future of Communications" promised by the agenda.

In his maiden speech in Asia/Pacific, silver-tongued Silverman dwelt more on Skype's achievements, product launches, forthcoming plans, and claims of "CD-quality voice" than the rapidly changing communications/ICT (information and communications technology) landscape.

While his half-hour address included namechecks for Skype's TV set and PC partners, the number of registered users (though not active users), and some hard-to-prove claims about the level of Skype video traffic on international networks, the "visionary address" that was promised was nowhere to be seen.

An opportunity to wow a new crowd was missed. Silverman may have an industry vision, but on this occasion he left it in his hotel room, preferring instead to big up his company and its role in the global telecom industry.

Poor show, Josh, poor show.

— Gagandeep Kaur, India Editor, Light Reading

DCITDave 12/5/2012 | 4:32:16 PM
re: CommunicAsia: Skype Hype

I love Skype, but they're strategically as confusing as Yahoo. They can't declare war on anyone because they depend on the very service providers they compete with. So they come off sounding a little weak.

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