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Biscit Targets Students, Retirees

LONDON -- Communications service provider (CSP) Biscit today announces phone and broadband subsidies for students and senior citizens. The announcement is aimed at strengthening Biscit's call last week for government to support the voice and data needs of these important socio-economic groups in a similar way to education, travel and heating subsidies.

Phone and broadband bundles have become must-have services for consumers across the country. The first were introduced by Talk Talk and Biscit earlier this year and quickly became flagship offerings for both providers.

Biscit's voice and broadband bundles are branded freeMAX. FreeMAX Home is ideal for senior citizens, allowing them to keep in touch with family and friends at minimum cost, and also to be part of the always-connected online interactive community. For just £18.00* per month, they'll receive 720 anytime call minutes to landlines each month, up to 8Mbps broadband and a generous 2GB data download allowance.


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