Reliance Wants the World

NEW YORK -- Ethernet Expo -- Taking a cue from its Vanco acquisition, Global Cloud Xchange is out to sign up hundreds of partners as the global service provider continues to extend its reach.

Jarrett Appleby, Reliance Globalcom's chief strategy and marketing officer, discussed the plan as part of his Ethernet Expo keynote this morning.

Announced in May, the $78 million Vanco deal handed Reliance a virtual network operator (VNO) with Layer 3 services that complement the Layer 2 portfolio Reliance acquired with Yipes. (See Reliance Bags Yipes for $300M.)

Still considering itself a small fish in the datacom services game, Reliance hasn't been shy about its ambition to become a top-five, er, fish. (See Reliance Unit Targets 'Complacent' Giants.)

That's led to a string of acquisitions including Vanco and Ethernet services player Yipes. (See FLAG Amalgamates With Reliance and Reliance Makes African Acquisition.)

Vanco became a strong player in Europe particularly, Appleby told Light Reading, because of its ability to work off of multiple providers' networks to create a pan-European presence.

Reliance can certainly start using its own network to carry Vanco's services. But the more important part of the plan is to take advantage of those provider partnerships, "so when we go to market you can show an enterprise partner or show a direct enterprise reach to 230 countries in the world."

Vanco has about 700 capacity agreements with carriers, but Reliance wants these partnerships to be more double-sided, where Reliance/Vanco could be using partner networks while offering up its own.

"Our goal over the years is to have 700 to 800 deep channel partners worldwide that can leverage our assets and tools if they're interested in going global -- or for us to use them for depth," Appleby said.

About two dozen such partnerships are in the works, Appleby said; Reliance plans to announce nine or 10 of them soon.

Reliance also wants to apply the same concept to Yipes, using partners to extend the reach of those Layer 2 services, he said.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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