Openwave Buys SoloMio

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- Openwave Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: OPWV), the leading independent provider of software solutions for the communications and media industries, today announced the completion of its acquisition of SoloMio Corporation, a leading provider of integrated subscriber call management services. The acquisition provides Openwave with SoloMio's Smart Call™ platform and services and extends Openwave's Adaptive Messaging suite of products and services with key, real-time messaging functionality. Smart Call™ has been commercially deployed at global and tier one operators since 2003 and supports both pre-IMS and IMS architectures. The purchase consideration consists of all cash and Openwave has acquired all the outstanding shares of SoloMio. The acquisition is not anticipated to have a material effect on Openwave's fiscal 2007 financial results.

"Our vision for adaptive messaging addresses the needs of service providers and consumers in a converged marketplace, and offers the ability to personalize and simplify messaging services so that consumers can focus on the act of communication, rather than the network, device or protocol used," said David Peterschmidt, president and CEO, Openwave. "Today, the vast majority of network traffic continues to be voice driven. The acquisition of SoloMio closely aligns with our adaptive messaging strategy by bringing an intuitive messaging experience into the voice call path, and enabling our operator customers to drive ARPU and differentiate their telephony offering in their respective markets."

Openwave's Adaptive Messaging suite of products and services enables the delivery and deployment of individualized, intelligent and instinctive communications services that adapt to user's needs, offering subscribers simplicity and a variety of transport options. Call management services are a key component of Openwave's adaptive messaging initiative, and offer subscribers more control over how they make, receive and manage their voice calls and related voice communications services.

SoloMio's Smart Call™ platform and services allow subscribers to be reachable no matter where or how they are connected, with full control over their availability. This includes a full portfolio of real-time services for subscriber call management, cross-network call handling and total mobility. SoloMio currently has over 22 service deployments and market trials in eleven countries and four continents.

"SoloMio brings messaging into the dial tone, changing how the phone rings and provides options for how calls can be answered. The future of real-time call control is increasingly multi-modal - being responsive with the most appropriate combination of voice, messaging and data methods of interaction. SoloMio and Openwave together offer a proven multi-modal messaging solution for current and next-generation IP deployments, as operators begin to roll out their IMS strategies," said Richard Schwartz, CEO of SoloMio. "We look forward to joining SoloMio's advanced technology with Openwave's messaging expertise to deliver a solution that allows operators to rapidly launch new messaging services that are proven to immediately increase ARPU and drive customer loyalty."

Openwave Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: OPWV)

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