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Verizon to Manage Mobile Apps

Verizon Enterprise Solutions today announced a Mobile Services Enablement Platform (MSEP) to help enterprises securely enable their employees to use business apps on different mobile platforms, while ensuring performance of those apps.

The new MSEP is part of Verizon's Managed Mobility portfolio of services, which was set up to help enterprises better control their data and manage the cost of enabling their workers to work anywhere using smartphones that are either provided by the enterprise or by the worker.

Why it matters
Enterprises used to try to control employees' access to business apps and data by restricting them to using company-supplied mobile data devices, which is where the Blackberry really took off, says Cliff Cibelli, group manager, Product Marketing and Development, Verizon Business. With a much broader array of smartphones now on the market, however, companies are realizing they can create a "sandbox" in personal devices into which corporate apps can be delivered.

Enterprises already moving to store some or all of their corporate data and/or applications in the cloud will find this particularly appealing, Cibelli says, because the platform enables secure connections, via private lines or VPNs, into that centralized data, from any smartphone over any network.

Many global carriers are offering similar mobility management services, says Mike Sapien, principal analyst with Ovum Ltd. , and like Verizon's MSEP, they are device and network agnostic. But Verizon has gone one step further to offer management of specific business applications, such as Siebel Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: SEBL), SAP, Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq: ORCL), Remedy, Salesforce.com Inc. , and Amdocs Ltd. (NYSE: DOX), he says.

That will make it easier for Verizon to convince enterprises they are better off with a managed service than doing mobility management themselves, Sapien says.

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— Carol Wilson, Chief Editor, Events, Light Reading

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