Google Execs Sentenced to Jail

11:30 AM -- Three Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) executives were sentenced to three to six months in jail by an Italian court today, for allowing a video of a disabled Italian student being bullied to be uploaded to YouTube four years ago.

Three of the four defendants -- current and former Google execs David Drummond, Peter Fleischer, and George Reyes -- were found to have failed to comply with the Italian privacy code, despite the fact that the video was quickly removed after being brought to Google's attention.

Google has issued a statement saying it will appeal the decision.

"In essence this ruling means that employees of hosting platforms like Google Video are criminally responsible for content that users upload. We will appeal this astonishing decision because the Google employees on trial had nothing to do with the video in question," Google said in the statement.

In other news:

  • The Internet isn't killing TV as we all expected, The New York Times reports. Instead, sites like Twitter Inc. and Facebook are creating a "water-cooler effect," boosting TV audiences, especially those for live events like the Super Bowl and awards shows.

  • COO Tim Cook says Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) has "no interest in being in the TV market." The company will, however, continue producing its Apple TV set-top product, despite its limited popularity. "There's people -- and I'm one of those -- that they're avid Apple TV users, and so, because their gut says something there, we're continuing to invest in this. But today it's just a hobby," Cook told the Silicon Alley Insider.

    — Erin Barker, Digital Content Reporter, Cable Digital News

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