Xbox Puts Time Warner App on Tap

Joining Verizon Communications Inc. and Comcast Corp. on the Microsoft Corp. platform, Time Warner Cable Inc. is releasing "up to 300" live TV channels to the Xbox 360 with a new app scheduled to debut this summer.

To access the content, users have to be both Time Warner Cable subscribers and Xbox Live Gold members. Microsoft says live channels will include AMC, BBC World News, CNN and Comedy Central, among others, but there is no mention of video-on-demand content.

Time Warner has been active on the TV Everywhere front of late. The cable operator has apps for both Roku Inc. boxes and Samsung Corp. smart TVs, and has begun allowing some limited streaming of linear video feeds outside the home Wi-Fi network. LG Electronics Inc. also demonstrated Time Warner's Intelligent Home application at The Cable Show on an LG connected set. (See TW Cable App Debuts on Roku, Time Warner Takes TV on the Road and LG Shows Off Its Cable Credentials.)

As for Microsoft, the Redmond giant has made steady progress in turning its gaming console into a hub for television entertainment. After transforming the Xbox into a set-top for AT&T Inc. U-verse subscribers in 2010, Microsoft announced video apps from Verizon and Comcast in 2011. (See Xbox 360 Joins the U-verse Lineup and Comcast, Verizon Connect with the Xbox.)

When the Xbox One goes live later this year, Microsoft will also introduce an HDMI pass-through feature that overlays its own user interface on top of any television feed. (See Does Xbox Have a UI for Cable?)

— Mari Silbey, Special to Light Reading Cable

JVerity 6/30/2013 | 9:13:58 PM
re: Xbox Puts Time Warner App on Tap I suppose this is in response to the PS3 and PS4 being so TV-friendly, eh? I keep reading that Microsoft, no Sony, no it's Microsoft has won the next round of console battle. One is entertainment-centric, the other game-centric. Which is the winner? Difficult to say, I suppose, all depends on your point of view and what it is you want to do on that couch.
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