Videogame Industry Makes a Comeback

10:30 AM -- The U.S. videogaming industry made a comeback in December 2009, according to research from NPD.

The industry brought in $5.32 billion in December, a 4 percent increase over last year's December sales, proving that, though the industry isn't exactly recession-proof, it may at least be recession resistant.

This increase was mainly powered by a 16 percent increase in console sales, especially of the Nintendo Wii. Sales of the Wii jumped 76 percent to 3.8 million units, as it outsold all competing devices -- Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and PSP -- combined. The Nintendo DS was right behind the Wii with 3.3 million units sold.

The Wii and the DS have received much of the credit for opening up the videogame market to a broader audience, with their easy-to-play games.

— Erin Barker, Digital Content Reporter, Cable Digital News

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