Facebook Likes Skype

7:25 AM -- As anticipated, Facebook announced late Wednesday that it has integrated video chat into its social media platform with the help of Skype Ltd. , so upping the ante in the battle with Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) for the world's billions of users.

The move also takes Facebook closer to Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT), which is in the throes of acquiring Skype. (See Facebook Wednesday .)

For the details, check out this Facebook blog and this report on the new service from our sister publication InformationWeek.

— Ray Le Maistre, International Managing Editor, Light Reading

digits 12/5/2012 | 4:59:57 PM
re: Facebook Likes Skype

What will the impact of this 'advance' be?

On a user level:

It may bring people who are far away together, via a video link, but will it also drive people who are physically close apart?

Currently it's possible for people to share a living space in harmony while one of more of those people is 'on' Facebook, checking on friends, swapping messages, uploading pictures etc without disturbing/annoying each other. The inclusion of video calling could change all that...

On a networks level:

What will this do to WAN network video traffic? It's only going to push it one way... if it works, of course... :-)  

thepriebe 12/5/2012 | 4:59:13 PM
re: Facebook Likes Skype

On a user level I don't see much changing in the long term. I recently moved out of state and Skyped with my family every weekend. This soon faded into phone calls, and for good reasons. One reason is mobility. If you're at your laptop you have to remain within a certain window of space in order for video chatting to be worth it. Additionally, your conversations are less private. Sure, you can where headphones, but you can still see the other person and get an idea for what the conversation is about. I think the YouTubers have a better setup than Skypers because YouTube is all about invasion of privacy. You post a video for the world to see it, rate it, comment on it. This is why Skype and Facebook most likely won't be a big hit in my opinion. My best guess is they'll have a large number of users initially, and then it will trail off into that feature that no one remembers.

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