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Deutsche Telekom Looks to the Cloud

BONN, Germany -- Cloud services for corporate groups, SMBs and consumer customers are a key element of Deutsche Telekom's future strategy. The company is expecting demand to increase significantly across all customer groups. "We intend to offer impressive and secure cloud solutions for all," CEO René Obermann said on Monday. "Now that the trend toward everything going mobile is here to stay, services and applications are now being migrated to the cloud." The advantage for customers is that Deutsche Telekom has all the expertise needed to offer cloud services from a single source: bandwidth, storage capacity, computing power, applications, operating system independence and high security.

The multi-year expertise Deutsche Telekom has gained in the cloud with its corporate customers is now made available to SMBs. As of mid-year, small and medium-sized businesses will benefit from the Business Marketplace: this platform from Deutsche Telekom is a partner eco-system and service portal at the same time - easy to use and attractively priced without the need to invest in additional IT resources. On the platform, Deutsche Telekom has organized various solutions by sector and added an all-in service offer, making it easy for SMBs to find precisely the services they require.

Starting in the summer, these offers will be also available online for international customers. For the first time, Deutsche Telekom is offering its corporate customers standardized cloud solutions at a fixed rate. Consumer customers benefit from the Media Center, where they organize their photos, videos and e-mails in the cloud. Additionally, Deutsche Telekom will launch De-Mail: offerings for corporate customers which will be available immidiately. A cost-free trial phase will start in the second quarter for private and business customers.

In a separate release:

Deutsche Telekom today at CeBIT announced a new, multi-year strategic alliance with Premiere Global Services (PGi) in which PGi has granted Deutsche Telekom exclusive rights to resell its web-based video conferencing solution iMeet in Germany. Deutsche Telekom will host iMeet in its data centers in Germany, extending its range of cloud services, and will make iMeet available to subscribers in the Business Marketplace in the Deutsche Telekom Cloud Center starting this summer. Deutsche Telekom’s initial distribution efforts will focus primarily on Germany’s small business community and will expand to the enterprise and consumer markets later this year.

iMeet allows users to meet virtually and collaborate from wherever they are in the world as if they were sitting in the same room. iMeet combines conferencing, collaboration and social media functions. Video or audio conferences with up to 15 participants can be initiated with just a few clicks, and documents can be easily shared with meeting guests and stored for later use - all within the meeting room. As a cloud-based application, iMeet is accessible on any device with an Internet connection, be it a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, enabling users to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time - with no need to download or install any additional software.

iMeet provides a personal touch to every meeting as meeting hosts and guests can see everyone else either through video or a photo. For added simplicity, symbols indicate the current connection status - for example, whether someone is participating via the web or on a telephone, if their phone is on mute or if a meeting guest has stepped away. When a person is speaking, his or her cube glows green so everyone knows who is talking. A simple webcam, which is already built into many modern devices, is sufficient for setting up a video connection within the iMeet cubes. Participant codes and telephone numbers are a thing of the past; iMeet calls meeting participants on request, either on the computer or using an entered telephone number.

In a separate release:

Deutsche Telekom is using its new Business Marketplace eco-system to help small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) to gain access to numerous business applications from the cloud. Firms will now be able to find a broad array of innovative software solutions for their typical business needs from a trusted source. Companies can try and evaluate these applications free of charge, and later subscribe to these services by only paying for products they actually need.

"SMBs are now able to benefit from innovative business applications out of the cloud. Smaller firms can use professional solutions that until recently were only available to much larger companies and without having to invest in software or hardware infrastructures. Furthermore annual upgrade payments for expensive software, service and maintenance are now a thing of the past" says Dirk Backofen, Senior Vice President Marketing, Business Customers, at Telekom Deutschland GmbH. "With the Business Marketplace we offer small and medium-sized businesses cost efficient solutions that are easy to setup and use with just a few mouse clicks. Deutsche Telekom will also ensure that the customer data and privacy is protected by offering end-to-end support for all these solutions - from initial subscription with ‘single-sign-on’ right through to single billing."

The Business Marketplace provides businesses with a safe and central location in the cloud - with relevant solutions and an easy to use environment - enabling companies to concentrate on their core business instead of managing IT.

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