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Cloud Crowd Gets Down to Business

At Light Reading's first Carrier Cloud event in May 2011, service providers and vendors talked about what they were planning on doing in the cloud services sector. (See Happy Snaps: Carrier Cloud Forum 2011.)

At the third Carrier Cloud Forum in North America (Monday Feb 13), the talk will have already shifted to what telecom service providers are already doing and how both their cloud offers and their customers are growing more sophisticated.

When NTT America Inc. CTO Doug Junkins delivers the keynote address, for example, he will be able to showcase the global virtual data center capability NTT is delivering via six data centers located around the globe.

"What we are able to deliver to one of our largest customers is the ability to leverage all that capacity as a single virtual data center with complete disaster recovery [among] those resources and the ability to move applications and data as necessary," Junkins says. "By leveraging our IP backbone, we can allow our cloud services to scale very easily, even with the high-speed demand of a global virtual data center."

Cloud users are finding new ways to put network computing capacity to work. HarQen is one of those companies, and CEO and co-founder Kelly Fitzsimmons will explain how her firm uses the cloud to fuel its service, which captures and catalogs voice conferences to make them usable business tools.

The focus is also on how cloud can be used by telecom service providers to fuel their own innovation, by turning up services much faster, says Jason Goecke, president of Voxeo Labs , and a panelist next Monday. Voxeo has developed a communications as a service platform, Tropo, based on its own enabling software that ties together server clusters with routing, provisioning, deployment management capabilities. Telefonica is among its early customers.

"The idea is for carriers to have a platform they can take to the developer community," Goecke says. "You put the intelligence in the network itself, and allow the apps to be between the caller and the called party."

So the competition may be on to see who is farthest along in deployment of cloud and its innovations. Among the service provider speakers, in addition to Junkins, are: AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T)'s Toby Ford, AVP of Cloud Technology, Strategy and Planning; Mark Bagley, VP of Innovation Scouting for BT Group plc (NYSE: BT; London: BTA); Aditya Joglekar, director of Cloud Business Solutions for Savvis (Nasdaq: SVVS); and Mike Palmer, VP of product strategy and development for Verizon Enterprise Solutions .

— Carol Wilson, Chief Editor, Events, Light Reading

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