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Paris Gets FTTH Project

WASHINGTON -- According to the FTTH Council Europe, the recently unveiled FTTH project set to roll out universal high-speed broadband access in Paris indicates a highly positive step in the development of fibre infrastructure deployments across Europe. Crucially, in addition to providing 2.1 million Parisian residences with 50Mbps connections within the first two years, Free - the group behind the new project - also promises to open up the new network to all other operators; a move applauded by the Council.

“Free’s decision to open up its network is unique in Europe and a remarkable development for the European broadband marketplace,” said Hartwig Tauber, President of the FTTH Council Europe. “The partnership with City authorities demonstrates how FTTH projects are becoming increasingly recognised for their potential economical and social benefits, and validates the widely accepted belief that competitive FTTH is possible where civil infrastructure barriers are addressed.

This new project is fully in-line with The “Paris-Digital City” initiative and we note that in this case, the co-operation between Free and the Municipality of Paris is a fundamental cornerstone of the deal, helping make Next Generation Broadband a reality in the French Capital.”

FTTH Council Europe

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