3ple-Media Intros MMS Suite

AMSTERDAM -- 3ple-Media, the Mobile Multimedia infrastructure company, has launched a new platform to enable Mobile Operators to kick-start MMS and Video Streaming services for 2.5G and 3G subscribers, making two clear and important advances.

Firstly it provides the complete suite of Mobile Multimedia infrastructure required by Mobile Operators to deliver Mobile Multimedia, including MMSC, WAP Gateway, Video Gateway and transcoding (all currently provided by different vendors or OEM'd). Secondly the commercial model for the entire suite is pay-once, eat-all-you-can, site licensing. When combined together, these two advances finally enable Operators to unlock the much hyped potential of Mobile Multimedia.

Currently, "on-network" or traffic costs to the Operator for Mobile Multimedia are exorbitant. A simple 10MMS/second network upgrade typically requires an expansion of the MMSC, Wap Gateway, transcoding and SMSC infrastructure; costing millions of dollars. These costs pass along the value chain through content and application providers to subscribers. This inevitably means that growth of the Content Community is stunted by low returns while Mobile subscribers are discouraged by high pricing.

Furthermore, if an operator wants to offer high throughput, time sensitive services (say send a goal alert to 1 million subscribers within 2 minutes) it will need capacity of thousands of messages per second. With traditional licensing, this capacity will cost 10's of millions of US dollars.

Unlimited throughput licensing breaks this deadlock. It enables business cases for innovative new Value Added Services and experimentation with a new medium that represents a big slice of future mobile ARPU. In short it unlocks mobile multimedia value.

3ple-Media BV

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